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Some updates

Ok first, I probably wont be posting for the next week or so. I am fixing my site to make it better. Anyway, there is a NEW penguin style april 2011 at the gift shop!! make sure to check it out.

Check it out

Ok guys, go to riffycp.com for lots and lots of news for club penguin. i would update you guys, but i am really busy.Thanks!

The chat

Well,I found something very interesting just a couple minutes ago, and it is the chat. You will have to go to the bottom of the page and click “older entries.”Yhen the chat should, and will, be there.

New authors?

Hey guys! Were looking for some authors for my site, and if youre interested, comment with your penguin name, e-mail, and tell us why you think you should be an author for the site.

Link to follow Husky

http://twitter.com/#!/huskers1939 to start following husky!!!!!

Some news

Hey guys!!! I am omeganinja1, and I am a new author for the site! Anyway,to get started, Husky and I decided to have a contest thing.All you have to do is comment with your penguin name, follow huskers1939 on Twitter, (i will get the link soon), and win a chance to get some rewards! All you have to do is follow Husky on Twitter!!Great chances to win. Only 3 people will win! So go start now!!!